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We are located in our new facility

249 Westminster Avenue, East Penticton

Corner of Winnepeg and Westminster


What should my child wear to class?   

For girls, any type of leotard used for dance or gymnastics, or a t-shirt and shorts. For boys, a t-shirt and shorts will do. The children do not wear any shoes, and long hair should be tied back with a soft hair elastic. Make sure NOT to wear any street clothing such as jeans, belt buckles, heavy sweatshirts and any type of jewelry.  It will restrict the athlete's range of movement. Make sure to bring a water bottle!


What are your Registration Policies?

Click here to read them.


How can I pay?  

We accept cash, cheque, debit and Credit Card /monthly post-dated or full term payment by personal cheques, Automatic credit card withdrawl or e-transfer.

What is the Gymnastics BC Recreational Athlete Registration Form, and why do I have to accept its terms and conditions? 

This form must be completed in order for you to participate in any program or activity held at Wayland Sports Penticton. You may download the current form by clicking on the link above.

Are your coaches qualified? 

All our staff is qualified in the discipline they are teaching.  All coaches also have to pass a criminal record check and a respect in Sport certificate.