The beginning of all sport starts here! Gymnastics, recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a foundation sport, provides young athletes with a head start into sports. Our CanGym/Gymnastics For All classes develop fundamental sports skills and movement patterns; landings, static positions, mobility, rotations, swing, springs and object handling all progress. Through the development of these fundamental movement patterns children develop a full range of physical and motor abilities required by every sport (endurance, strength, power, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and speed).


Wayland Sports Gym Rules
• Think “SAFETY FIRST” in gymnastics
• Coaching supervision is always required in the gym
• Coach’s permission is required to:

     • Enter gym

     • Go on equipment

     • Try new skills
     • Perform aerial inversions or flips

      • Leave the gym


• Understand the risk of the activity
• Be prepared to participate:
     • Be healthy and not tired
     • Wear proper clothing and footwear
     • Have long hair tied back
     • Always warm up

• Stop unsafe and careless acts which could cause injury by:
     • Listening
     • Following instructions
     • Controlling your actions
• Participate cooperatively within the limits set by the coach
• Double check equipment
• Master basic skills before attempting more advanced skills
• Keep your body under control
• Follow equipment and safety procedures
• Be alert and safety conscious
     • Watch where you are going
     • Walk don’t run
     • Watch for obstacles or uneven surfaces
• Respect others’ performances - no distractions
• Parents and spectators must stay in their designated area