Registration, Insurance and Program Fees

Please note that all members are subject to an annual BC Gymnastics membership/insurance fee to be paid separate with your program fees.

Gymnastics BC Fees

​Membership & Insurance

Annual Fee due at the time of Registration

Please note that all GBC fees have gone up as of September

Gymkids 1-4

Parent and Tot structured

Parent and Tot drop in

Interclub (Gymstars) mini and Adv.

Junior Olympics 1-6

For families with more than 1 child the rec fee for the 2. child is $43.00 and each add. child afterwards $39.00








Recreational Programs


Session 1:

Sept 9th-January 20th

Session 2:

February 2nd-June 14

Gymkids 2 ,3                    $65.10/month inc GST

Gymkids 4 (Advanced Rec)  $91.50/month inc GST

Parent and Tot/Gymkids 1  $43.05/month inc GST

Freestyle Gymnastics         $65.10/month inc GST

Rhythmics Gymnastics      $65.10/month inc GST                         

Fees may be paid in FULL or

in 5 monthly installments


Parent & Tot Drop In         $8.00+GST/visit

5 x Pass                           $36.00+GST

10x Pass                        $72.00+GST

Monthly pass                  $50.00+GST


Fees must be paid in full by

-5 x post-dated cheques,

-5x monthly Pre-authorized Credit Card withdrawal,

-Full amount debit or cash.

If not paid in full athlete will be placed on waiting list

If you are applying for Jump Start or Kidsport funding please make sure to apply a minimum of 3 weeks prior to class (Call the office at 778-476-5348 if you need assistance)

The gymnast will be added to the roster once all fees have been received .

Should fees not be paid in full your child will be placed onto a waiting list.

Gymnastics BC Fees

​Membership & Insurance/Competit.

Annual Fee due at the time of Registration

Pre-Junior Olympics                     $95.00

Junior Olympics 1-6                       $150.00

Interclub                                       $95.00

High School Team.                        $150.00

Competitive Programs

​By Invitation Only

Monthly Fees​

Pre-Junior Olympics     10x $162.75/month inc GST

Junior Olymics 1-2        10x $183.75/month inc GST

Junior Olympics 3-6      10x$220.50/month inc GST

Interclub+ Pre JO         10x 162.75/month inc  GST

High School                 7x $162.75/month inc  GST                                         (October-April)    


Payments by Credit Card are subject to a 2% handling fee.

We accept Payments by : Cash, Credit Card, Debit or Cheques